KSB Pakistan specializes in pumps, valves and service for industrial, building services, energy and water & waste water applications. KSB Pakistan is well endowed by having all three facets of the business, that is, manufacturing, sales & marketing and service. We aim to offer each customer tailored solutions and to be a trusted regional partner who can be reached easily and quickly.

Pumps & Valves for Building Services Applications:

KSB pumps, valves and systems deliver convenience, hygiene and safety in modern buildings and provide the basis for their efficient operation.
From water supply to drainage, heating and air-conditioning systems through to fire protection: no modern building can be operated without pumps and valves. KSB offers tailored and standardised solutions for various types of buildings.

Innovations for the Future of Industry:

High-efficiency pumps and valves from KSB help ensure that our customers can realise sustainable and reliable production.
Our industrial customers are very well aware of the fact that KSB provides technologically advanced pumps and valves as well as customised solutions that fulfil even the most complex of requirements. We accompany them from initial planning through to operation and the end of the life cycle of our products, which are known for their high operating efficiency and sustainability.

Pumps and Valves for the Petrochemical and Chemical Industries:

Comprehensive solutions from KSB ensure reliability and safety in the oil, gas and chemical industries.
High temperatures, aggressive and flammable fluids – the extreme conditions in the petrochemical and chemical industries require sophisticated and often complex solutions. Thanks to innovative designs and comprehensive service, KSB maximises performance and reliability.

Innovative solutions for energy supply Applications:

Pumps and valves from KSB ensure smooth operation in power stations around the world.
Efficiency and reliability are the key features of power station pumps and valves from KSB. Energy suppliers also value numerous other benefits offered by our technologies.


We are highly capable of developing an impeccable solution for any particular application thanks to our unparalleled material expertise and ability to manage the highest quality engineered resources.

Hydraulic Testing Facility:

Our Inhouse Hydraulic Testing Facility makes us stand out for our product compliance with the application.
Our highly qualified and experienced staff examine each element with a keen eye, ensuring that it complies with our uncompromising performance requirements.

Operations in Oil and Gas Technology:

KSB products make sure that the natural resources are processed safely and reliably.

Products with an optimum functioning and a maximum reliability can be applied in the on- and offshore extraction, refineries, intermediate storage and downstream applications.

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