What we do

We envision our goal with a promise of a sustainable future

Industrial Development & Engineering Associates (IDEA) is a multidisciplinary company dealing mainly in Supply Chain Support Solutions.

Being a competitve and energetic company, IDEA is offering its clients the “BEST TOTAL SOLUTION”. We are proud to have served IDEA’s innumerable range of clients in Pakistan and principals worldwide with a complete dedication that has gained us valued recognition in a spell of time. From a very humble beginning, IDEA has managed to achieve substantial milestones in a short period. IDEA has been blessed with both a dynamic team and leadership having immense experience in the industrial sector, not only in Pakistan but also at the international level.

IDEA is one of the very few companies that have attracted and bridged the industrial sector of Pakistan with the engineering world. The company has been introducing the most advanced technology to the local Pakistani industrial sector with an immaculate record of always offering top of the notch equipment to its clients.

E-Business in today’s society has grown at a breakneck pace since its beginnings. Due to its enormous impact on today’s global economy, IDEA is actively involving in the outstanding game.

Through our hard to beat online ventures presenting:

  • Trady Global is an online shopping platform providing a complete solution for all your household essentials and much more items throughout the USA and Europe.
  • By Focalsol, you can outsource from the ease of your fingertips around the world in the most trusted and effortless manner.
  • Chalmax, a modern yet intelligently smart lighting solution providing a channel to cater for the requirements of every business niche.
  • Lastly, Winjeet is an online solution service for meeting all your manufacturing concerns with our professionals’ guidance.


IDEA is all about the “Best Total Solution”. We aspire to be the best at what we do and customize our approaches to satisfy our customers’ demands on a persistent schedule. By implementing dexterous waves of impressively innovative strategies to achieve our goals under the supervision of our highly capable personnel having unrivalled competence, and constructing profitable businesses in a variety of digital aspects, providing premium and trustworthy engineering services. We are expanding our roots in technological advancement & innovation and aim to last a meaningful impact on modern society and contribute to the sustainable economic system.


We accelerate our vision through confidence in our expertise and a profound understanding of our field. We are here to be the leading player in every niche of the industry in which we compete. We are a highly customer-centric company with the thirst for curiosity and energy to utilize our experience to provide intelligent and smooth solutions to our customer’s real-world challenges and desire to contribute to the country's economic system by focusing on cutting-edge technology and research and development (R&D). To raise our growth and development to the extent where we stand among the most credible and productive solutions firms in the near future.