Core Sales

Nadis Chemicals

Nadis, one of the leading organizations in the world of Water Treatment Chemistries helping industries function efficiently with our empirical solutions without exceeding companies’ budget in the bargain. We have a credible portfolio of renowned industry names that have availed of our consultancy and concomitant chemical treatments. We have helped them to scale down their capital expenditures by reducing the malfunction of critical units in their industrial plants.

Nadis harnesses the collective knowledge, expertise, and skill of chemical scientists, analytical researchers, and engineers to test, formulate and ultimately create chemicals and methodologies that assure stability, safety, and reliability across system operations and allows the system to function at optimum levels for extended duration of time without compromising its operational capabilities.


Focal Solutions Inc. (FSI) is a well-recognized and competent Project Piping Materials Packager (PPMP) in China. We are honoured to be a valuable member of the Qingdao Focal Solutions Group. We are involved in the provision of all iron and non-ferrous goods, such as pipes, tubes, valves, flanges, butt soldered tubes, fittings forged, and other materials.

The firm has established an incomparable presence in the industry by putting forth unwavering efforts to provide premium quality pipes, tubes, and fitting components to its customers.
The global industrial determinants/dynamics/components are transforming at a quick pace, and as a result of these profound changes, China has arisen as the world’s dominant production hub for pipes, fittings, valves, and so on. A significant percentage of prominent major corporations purchase pipe supplies from China for their construction.

CanaWest Technologies

CanWest Technologies, also known as CWT Technologies, is an international provider of valves and strainers for oil and gas, petrochemicals, power-generating, mining, maritime, and construction sectors. We are based in Calgary, Canada and began our journey in 2003.
To satisfy client demands, we produce our products in an optimal range of configurations, trimming sizes and pressure classes.

Our company is dynamic and customer-focused, that is passionate about delivering high standard valves within the strict timescales needed for the current worldwide project.

Aside from developing and manufacturing conventional and regular valves, we also focus on creating proficiently custom-made superior quality valves and strainers from a vast selection of elements, incorporating rare metals.
Our achievements weigh heavily on our capability to listen to the demands of our customers and to deliver a customised solution.


Whenever you join in the Korea Float experience, you get insight into an unparalleled legacy of knowledge, service, and advancement. Since 1996, a crew of Above-Ground Storage Tank professionals has focused on providing the highest technical and operational expertise for Floating Roofs and Sealing systems available.

Korea Float has the expertise and knowledge to produce a tremendous reservoir of architectural perception, chemical expertise and production competency to acquire credibility and performance. With its goal of creating an evolution for successful sealing and steam loss.

Internal Floating Roof:
Numerous corporations in the petroleum, petrochemical and tank terminal industries across the globe have resorted to Korea Float for its impeccable engineering and functionality on internal floating roofs.

Its long life cycles, superb emission control, and negligible maintenance requirements made it profoundly admired and recognized/ accepted.

The design and production methods adopted by Korea Float comply with API standards as well as respective national laws and regulations across the world.

The exceptional layout on the Floating Roof of Korea Float is the most beneficial and practical means of decreasing vapour evaporation and VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) emission to the atmosphere, thereby focusing on environmental conservation, fire danger reduction, and significant cost savings by eliminating evaporation loss.


Borgna family’s inspiring initiative, Officine Maccaniche Cavourresi, is an exemplar of dedication to developing long-lasting, competitive, and ecologically sustainable strategies for the petrochemical market’s requirements.

As the pioneer industry in Italy and a significant global member since 1964, we are involved in the manufacturing of liquid transfer systems. Previously, as an independent firm, we concentrated our effort to design and manufacture multiple loading arms and other equipment for the oil and gas sector. Thus, land loading arms from OMC has earned a reputation for reliability and safety worldwide.

Our persistent efforts to design and manufacture new solutions with the goal of enhancing environmental conservation and support since 1965 have made it possible for us to produce more than 25,000 carrier armaments, many of which are currently functioning across the globe.

Daeju Control Co. LTD

We have strived to innovate and to improve the reliability and productivity of our goods by investing a great deal of time and resources in research & development activities in the last few decades.


Our efforts will continue to emphasize the development of a variety of cutting-edge technology solutions, all with the goal of ensuring complete customer fulfilment.


We, DAEJU Control Co., Ltd., have recently welcomed several brilliant engineers with a unique vision to our team, as well as substantially expanding our manufacturing infrastructure and facilities to take another major step ahead.

PROTEGO® Applications

PROTEGO® safety devices are utilised in a broad dimension/area of industrial settings. Every possible operational parameter must be protected for a procedure to be secure. Practical examples illustrate how to ensure the security of systems and the integration of PROTEGO® devices into control loops. It is up to engineers to synchronise and regulate the entire system appropriately.

PROTEGO® Special Solutions:
We will come up with a resolution for you, no matter how complicated or severe your application is. We are professionals, specialising not only in what we have previously produced but also in designing the tailored solutions for your specific needs.
Our day-to-day operations revolve around configurable valves and devices. You may rest assured that we will take care of everything:
• Pipeline Ventilation.
• Safety valve on the inside.
• PROTEGO® valves and devices heated to extreme temperatures.
• Incorporation/ Utilization/ Inclusion of Acetylene.
• Incorporation/ Utilization/ Inclusion of Ethylene oxide.
• Incorporation/ Utilization/ Inclusion Alcohols.
• Incorporation/ Utilization/ Inclusion Polymer Utilization (e.g. acrylates and styrene).


CAMFIL is a leading manufacturer of premium clean air solutions, we provide commercial and industrial systems for air filtration and air pollution control that improve worker and equipment productivity, minimize energy use and benefit human health and the environment. We want to offer best solutions for our customers resulting in best solutions for our planet.


NAFFCO is world’s leading supplier of life safety solutions. We are offering complete safety solutions under one roof for all types of high quality firefighting equipment, fire protection systems, fire alarms, addressable emergency systems, security systems, custom-made vehicle such as fire trucks, ambulances, mobile hospitals and airport rescue firefighting vehicles (ARFF).


BAIAN is the international manufacturer of fire equipment and offers a wide range of fire accessories including Fire hydrant, Fire hose, Fire valves, Foam proportioning system, etc. having project references of prominent high hazard Oil & Gas organizations, BAIAN offers high quality products at very economical price.


With 50+ years of experience in manufacturing of industrial water pumps, CREDO caters a large variety of Split case pump, Vertical turbine pump, and Fire pumps etc. Top notch international approvals UL and FM have been granted to CREDO NFPA-20 compliant Fire Pumps.


We designs, manufactures, installs, commissions, and services a wide range of Heat Transfer and Combustion products. The equipment and complete systems provided by GASCO include water bath heaters, electric heaters, thermal oxidizers, fired heaters, thermal oil heaters, flares, heat recovery systems, HRSG boilers, burner management systems and gas conditioning systems. GASCO is concerned about environmental effects therefore, it focuses on reducing greenhouse gas emissions and eliminating Hazardous VOC pollutants and odours.


DETECTOMAT / SD3 provides complete range of Fire detection equipment and specialized in providing best solution for fire alarm systems. Wide range of products encompasses Conventional systems, Intelligent/Interactive panels and detectors, Linear smoke detectors, Wireless solutions, Air sampling detection, Gas detection, Fire evacuation devices, Monitoring software, Explosion hazard area products, Hephea power supply range, Voice evacuation systems, Electric lock for emergency exit doors, Fire alarm cable and maintenance equipment.


PEMALL USA is an expert manufacturer of automatic gaseous fire suppression systems. PEMALL USA stands out by providing both quality and reliable products that are ideal for your facility, business, critical assets, and people. PEMALL USA specializes in manufacturing Clean Agents and System Components that are proven to the highest levels.


AKRONEX International was established in 2007 and operates in the fire sector, which has become a must in technology age. AKRONEX is specialized in “Automatic Fire Extinguishing Systems. AKRONEX International produces its products to many regions of the world, continues to expand its communication and production network with 16 representatives in different countries.


Viking is leading industry of fire protection with quality and innovation. Fire Fighting products include Fire Sprinklers, Valves and Systems, Foam products, Special hazards equipment, CPVC Piping systems, Flexible Sprinklers Connections, and Electrical products.