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Supply chain support

Idea’s Supply Chain Support system works by entailing a company’s supply-side operations being constructively aligned in order to achieve optimal customer experience and build a competitive edge in the marketplace.

Our supply chain support relates to providers’ efforts to structure and manage supply chain operations that will be as reliable and profitable as workable. Our supply chain support encompasses the entire process from manufacturing to product creation, as well as the business systems required to coordinate these activities by following steps:

  • Identifying the demands of the consumer.
  • Strengthening Supplier/Customer Communication for improved supply chain assistance as well as offering numerous product for the Supplier development.
  • Determining the right vendors for each product and service.
  • Management of commercial and technical solutions from the finest vendors in line with customer expectations.
  • Technical and operational proposals discussed and negotiated on behalf of our customers with suppliers.
  • The handling and management of resources.
  • Quality Check and monitoring of products and services acquired.
  • Vendor Data Management.
  • Management of transportation, freight and warehousing operations.
  • Provision of Order Tracking Support (OTS) till the order has been delivered.
  • Quality, punctuality and efficiency are ensured at each level of the supply chain service support.
  • After-sales assistance.

Project consolidation

  • Implementing/employing the Prefeasibility and Feasibility Studies in accordance with the project.
  • Assisting in the Business/financial/budget planning.
  • Supervision and management of the entire development program.
  • Leadership and Training sessions for the team motivation.
  • Exercising of Preliminary Engineering extensive details
  • Crafting design with clear terms and extensive details.
  • Evaluation on the constructability and performance.
  • Managing logistics operations.
  • Facilitating the maintenance of contracts.
  • Monitoring of dependable project controls.
  • Strategy to Process Automation.
  • Maintenance and evaluation of overall performance.
  • Allocation and administration of material.
  • Preservation of quality.
  • Supervision of healthcare and security, as well as the surroundings.
  • Management services of construction projects.
  • Training and supervision for operations.