CEAG Products and Crouse-Hinds Series

CEAG products that are a part of Eaton’s Crouse-Hinds series have delivered incomparable performance, industry-leading digital transformation and sustainability, and accreditations for global quality standards for more than a century.

Crouse-Hinds Series:

Eaton’s Crouse-Hinds Series products symbolize safety and dependability in the roughest of conditions where power management is crucial. The Crouse-Hinds series, which began with the Condulet®, has evolved into the world’s leading brand of electrical devices for potentially risky, industrial, and commercial applications.

Industries We Serve

Oil & Gas:

CEAG and Crouse-Hinds Series products offer innovative solutions:

Eaton comprehends the operational barriers in the oil and gas sector, from severe and dangerous conditions to problematic zones and safety considerations. They facilitate oil and gas operations by providing an unrivalled range of products and solutions that address the real-world issues that the sector faces on a daily basis, improving performance and security in operations all over the globe.

Since 1987, with more than a decade of knowledge and expertise in the oil and gas sector, Eaton has a deep understanding of the complexities you encounter regularly.

Eaton fulfils:

  • Equipment that safely operates in precarious environments, that is harsh and humid.
  • Onshore, offshore and processing safety precautions for employees.
  • Disposition of IEC and NEC components from one source.
  • Saving time, minimizing risks, cost reduction and maximizing security.

Eaton’s team of professionals will collaborate with you to design and produce the best option for your specific oil and gas demands. The range of tried-and-true solutions will deliver unrivalled safety, reduce unacceptably high downtime costs, and satisfy your important operational difficulties.

Eaton is a top-class ally for the petroleum and gas sector, driven by a keen commitment to enhance productivity and quality through effective solutions, international durability, technology and industrial experience.

Ex-Protection in the Mining Industry:

Mining operations depends on goods that can withstand high temperature changes and operate in hostile environments with flammable gases or dust.

Eaton’s Crouse-Hinds Series product line is extremely resilient and corrosion-resistant.

Extremely dependable and corrosion-resistant Eaton’s Crouse-Hinds Series product lines can survive harsh misuse and exposure to toxic chemicals, water and the high range.

For almost a century, firms have trusted Eaton to expand their revenues by incorporating a complete range of electrical and instrumental goods with expert assistance, industry knowledge and local accessibility. In the globe’s most complex and challenging industrial settings, Eaton designs reliability and profitability. This ideology is at the heart of everything they create, from products to solutions.

Companies have benefited from the extensive product line at practically every stage of the mining process, including:

  • Extraction of materials—above or below ground.
  • Transporting raw or finished materials.
  • Delivery of the final good or service.
  • Treatment of water and other materials.

Beverage & Food:

In order to ensure the efficiency, safety and compliance of the foodservice sector, Eaton has end-to-end product solutions and assistance. Our premium product line includes specially designed goods for difficult settings where multiple oils, chemicals, detergents and water erosion prevail. Our well-proven products offer creative conceptual solutions to reduce downtime, labor saving and assuring worker and equipment safety.


Bureau Veritas – Marine Division has validated Eaton’s eLLK 92 linear light fittings for ship use. Other goods with Bureau Veritas certification include signaling and control devices of type GHG 41 or GHG 43.

The Renewable Energy Sector:

The Eaton Crouse-Hinds Series product lines guarantee lighting under severe environmental conditions, which is highly crucial for platforms and turbines offshore in locations such as the North Sea. Depending on its many years of offshore expertise and its outstanding reliability with saltwater, high wind load and continuous or severe vibration, Eaton now provides the Crouse-Hinds LLK 98 series of fluorescent fittings that compliant IP66. Furthermore, Eaton supplies the turbine with reliable LED illumination. Boosting uptime and minimizing running costs is one of the most crucial concerns in wind energy. Eaton offers several products to overcome these issues.

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