EagleBurgmann is a leading international manufacturer of industrial sealing technology. The Business Group develops, manufactures and markets a broad range of high-quality products for pumps, compressors, agitators and special machines. EagleBurgmann has extensive product range for pumps, agitators, compressors and special machines etc. EB can produce and deliver complex sealing equipment’s and its sub systems based on the customer requirement for its respectable clients all over the world.

Product Range & Reliability:

Our products (Mechanical Seals, Magnetic couplings, Expansion joints, Gaskets, Gland, Compression Packing, Ring seals and special products etc.) set us apart with excellent quality, great customer proximity, high innovative strength and a comprehensive product portfolio for almost all industrial processes and areas of application. EB products are long lasting reliable products based on the suitable application of the product.

Customer Centricity & Industrial Coverage:

We serve the world with 250 sales and services, having 48 subsidiaries around the globe, with a total of around 45k customers worldwide. We proudly collaborate with all industrial segments including Petroleum, FMCG, Refineries, Pharmaceuticals, Manufacturing (Cement, Steel, Automotive, Appliances, Chemical, Paper Manufacturing), Power, Mining, Marine and also Plumbing & Drainage etc.

Strengths of EagleBurgman:

Reliable & Safer products.
Total Seal Care service program.
Extensive product range.
Products customization according to customer’s needs.
On demand training program.
API plans compliance products available.
Sealing systems availability.
Special products.
Research & Development.
Total Industrial Coverage.

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